Sunday, August 7, 2011

Restaurant Review: Sybill's in St James, MO


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I was highly recommended to check out this restaurant for a "farewell" dinner for a wonderful friend. I checked it out online and got really excited!

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First impressions gave me high expectations! Beautiful "house" with a wrap-around porch and flowers everywhere--perfect atmosphere for (what I would imagine) a wedding rehearsal dinner. Its out in the middle of no-where, Missouri, which really makes this place a gem!
There is a really fun gift shop right "next door" to the restaurant. It has a lot of antiques and boutique-ish items and such charm! We all ended up taking something home--you just can't help yourself!

After being seated with the most politest and sweet people, we were greeted promptly by our server, of which she TOTALLY knew her stuff. She shared the daily specials and answered any question we had on the menu.
There was a lot to choose from, and the 4 of us ended up getting 4 different dishes, and shared a bit to each other. We order the bread with olive oil and s&p for appetizer, and the bread was fantastic. I almost wish we didn't, because it didn't leave that much room for the rest!

I ended up ordering the filet mignon with blue cheese stuffed shrimp and bacon wraps. What a mouthful! The food was brought out in a timely manner and we chowed down. EVERY bite was worth the $32 dollar plate. The steak melted in your mouth and the flavors all complimented each other. We thought the same for all 4 dishes! I gave my compliments to the chef as well.
"side salad"
Each meal comes with a side salad, but the daily special was this homemade mozzarella cheese with home-grown tomatoes--so we had to try! I was in heaven. I've never had "homemade fresh mozzarella" and now I want to try making it myself. the sauce was perfectly sweet as well. Too good!!
Filet Mignon with Shrimp
I didn't touch the potatoes much, they were delicious, but I wanted to save room for the rest of my food.

I read a lot of reviews ahead of time, and the majority of them said to try the "chocolate gooey butter cake"
German Chocolate Gooey Butter Cake
We were so full, so we shared one order between all of us. I didn't read anyone's review saying it was "german chocolate.." and when I read the description, I just about died. That's my favorite cake of all time! Now how perfect--in a gooey butter form! Save room for this--you won't regret it.

Sybill's web page states that reservations are appreciated, and even though we did, it seemed there is plenty of room for walk-ins. Because of the reservations, they did kindly greet us by name. it adds a flare for the place on top of everything else.

I also highly suggest not to bring young children. Its atmosphere is very "A-list" -ish and if you have "loud" children, you might get some dirty looks. However, I did see a few children that were very well behaved, so its not that children aren't welcome. The restaurant is also set up in "rooms" in which I'm sure they try to keep different parties separated for maximum enjoyment.

So besides the price (I'm not a fan of expensive food), everything exceeded my expectations. I defiantly give this a 5/5 stars. Even just passing through this part of Missouri, take the time to stop. Do plan ahead though, its a small exit and can easily be missed. The web site has the menu posted as well if you want to plan that much ahead! And don't forget to ask for the daily specials!

I gave this review from my own personal opinions, and by no ways did Sybill's restaurant compensate for my review.


Emily said...

Oh my! That filet looks WONDERFUL!
I think I may have to cook steak fro dinner, though I know it will look nothing like that, lol!

I am a new follower!

Unknown said...

wow, the food looks really good! My husband would really like the steak! I am more a fish and chicken kinda girl. I was already following you thru GFC but tonight I noticed I was not following on Facebook so I fixed that right away. I don't know if you are following me or not but would appreciate a check to see. Thanks so much and I would love a follow on Facebook also if you are already following thru GFC! Have a great week!


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