Monday, October 24, 2011

Raspberry & White Chocolate Treats

Check these little guys out! Saw them on Pinterest ;) and had to try. They were all gone in 5 seconds as soon as I let my kids at them.... proves they are THAT amazing! Did I mention how SIMPLE they are? Holy cow...its probably good I haven't tried them earlier...


A package of raspberries
A package of white chocolate chips

Wash and dry the raspberries and place a single chocolate chip (point side down) in each one.

Frozen raspberries don't work too well with this, so use the fresh ones! And be prepared to make a LOT!

Aren't they just so PURTY? I think so!


Anonymous said...

How neat.

I love pinterest.
Have a good day!

Melissa said...

I saw these on Pinterest too and I have been wanting to try them! I love Pinterest :)

Unknown said...

These are adorable and how fun, not only on there own but as a garnish for other desserts!

Erika Price said...

Oh wow - I've GOT to try these!!!!

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