Tuesday, May 31, 2011

[Featured at Make & Take] Tea-cup Cupcakes

Featured at Make and Takes

Check out Make & Takes for more details from the tea-party!

And as for me, I will tell you how to make these adorable little tea-cup cupcakes! The idea wasn't mine, however I didn't ever bookmark the blog I did see them, so I have no idea the blog site! I'm sorry! If it was you, let me know so I can give credit where due!

What you need:
Ice-cream cone "cups" variety
Shortbread cookies
Peachy-Os candy rings

Box of cake mix--baked according to directions into mini-cupcakes
White Chocolate

Cut the bottoms off the ice-cream cones, creating the cup look. Use the icing like glue, and "glue" the cup to the cookie. Peal the paper off the mini cup cakes and place in the center of ice-cream cone cup. Top it off with icing. For the decorations on top, pipe white chocolate into desired shapes and sprinkle with the colored sugar. Freeze for 15 minutes, then place on the icing. Cut the peachy-o rings in half and stick them to the side of the cups.

[do not make more than a day ahead--the cones will get soggy!]

And there you go! A perfect treat for the tea-party girls!


Alida Sharp said...

oh so cute!!!!

Darcy said...

These look too pretty to eat (but I'll still taste it!) :)

Denise McDonough said...

Ice cream cone cupcakes are my favorite treat in the WHOLE world and we are making them Friday for my birthday!!!
New Follower here :)

I found you over at the blog hop :) hope you can follow me back we are having giveaways all weekend long in honor of my birthday!

Unknown said...

Great blog, I love trying to think of food to take boating with us. Love to see your ideas.


Anonymous said...

Wow! What a fantastic idea! I might attempt this for my daughter's birthday this month! Hopefully they turn out as beautiful as yours! :o) Excellent blog, by the way!

xoxo, Sarah Kate

Micha @ Cookin' Mimi said...

Beautiful, absolutely beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Hi Carolyn! I love this idea and showed it to my daughter as an idea for her upcoming birthday. She LOVES it! So, I have a question: I have NO idea how to make the butterfly wings. I know you use the white chocolate for them. Do I buy chips and melt them down? After that, do I pipe it out into the shapes I want? HELP! An almost-4-year-old would be so over the moon if these were the cupcakes at her birthday party!!!! Any suggestions are very helpful! Amy

MianAkbar said...

Speed and efficiency of food processors vary, as does the noise each one makes

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