Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Basic Ingredients when cooking Thai Food

There are a few things to keep in your pantry and spice rack that are crucial when cooking Thai food. I will list a few that I learned to stock up on this week.

Red curry paste

Curry (spice, yellow color)

Fish sauce (stays in fridge and lasts soy sauce--haha--just kidding)

Coconut milk (always have a few cans on hand)

Chicken broth (this is used whenever coconut milk isn't...also good to keep a couple cans in pantry, but most of the time water can also be a substitute for the broth)

Chopped garlic (I started with fresh, chopping my own, but then realized how much is used, and now I just buy a big jar--it stays in fridge for a while too.)

Rice (I like using different variety: Jasmine, Sticky rice, regular long grain white, and instant)

Angel hair pasta (a wonderful change from rice, and better with some recipes)

Other ingredients used often, but you can just get them when you make the ingredient list:


Lime (and lime juice)


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