Saturday, January 22, 2011

Entertaining Guests

Entertaining guests can be a lot of fun, and easy, when you know what to do. This can be done for any number of people! We had friends over totaling 6.

Cloth napkins are really nice, and can add a special touch, but not necessary-- nice plain white paper napkins can work just fine and can look just as great.

I'll break everything down one by one.

 This is the individual place setting. We served Thai food, so chopsticks shouldn't be forgotten! Don't forget knives if its needed for the meal. These dishes are also my every-day dishes, turned to make a fun design.
White dishes make it easy to put any color of place mat underneath. 

These are the goblets I used. They are actually some of my husbands "specialty beer glasses," but work just
as well for other beverages! The napkin fold is a very simple design, and I'll show that on another post.

This is the over-all look of the table, set for 6. It was a huge hit, and even made it feel like we were in a restaurant! It is also fun to mix-match colors and designs. Clearance racks are the best place to look for those. I will show other examples of table-setting and napkin folds as we entertain more guests.

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