Monday, January 7, 2013

Easy Supper Club: Bacon-Arugula-Apple Bites

"Easy Supper Club"
from Southern Living's 
"Cooking for Christmas"
Bacon-Arugula-Apple Bites
Herbed Pork Roast
Roasted Fall Veggies
Puffed Mashed Potatoes
Basil-and-Blue Cheese Salad
Brandy Alexander Cheesecake

For the Introduction to this series of recipes, click HERE

Bacon-Arugula-Apple Bites

  • Toss Red Delicious apple slices in lemon juice; pat dry. Spread each with about 2 tsp garlic-and-herb spreadable cheese. Top with cooked and crumbled bacon, baby arugula sprigs, and freshly cracked pepper.
Tuesday: Herbed Pork Roast
Thursday: Roasted Fall Veggies & Basil & Blue Cheese Salad
Friday: Puffed Mashed Potatoes

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