Thursday, March 10, 2011


I <3 Starbucks. No question. But I do NOT <3 paying $5 for a cup of coffee. Especially if I can make it myself. This is a wonderful idea for "special occasions," but I will also make a dozen jars and keep them in the fridge just for myself. Of course, when they are just for me, I don't do the pretty cloth and ribbons. It IS however, a big hit at a baby shower or bridal shower when the ribbons match the theme of the party. Its so versatile! Best part--totally recyclable! Just make sure you get the jars back from your guests (or your spouse!). 


This is for 8 pint-size jars:
Brew 8 cups of coffee--your favorite Starbucks kind, or any other [I personally like vanilla flavor]
4 cups milk [low fat]
16 tablespoons white sugar
16 tablespoons chocolate syrup, or more [Hershey's is the best!]

For each jar, pour 1 cup coffee, 1/2 cup milk, 2 tablespoons sugar and 2 tablespoons chocolate syrup. Twist on the lid really tight and shake until everything is combined. If serving immediately, drop in a few ice cubes after shaking.

Have fun and be creative with decorating!

1 comment:

Memória said...

What a great idea!! My mom would love this.

P.S. Actually, homemade chocolate syrup is the best!

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