Sunday, March 13, 2011

Resaurant Review: The Cave Restaurant and Resort

My husband and I were looking around for things to do on our "kid free" (grandparents took them!) weekend. We decided to go to Haha Tonka state park for hiking and exploring. On the way there, we passed by "The Cave." I was actually told to go here a few times, but had no idea it was our our route. So on our way back home we stopped. What an excellent place!

"The Cave Restaurant and Resort"
[Click on image to go to their website]

When you get there, you have to park in a little lot and a "shuttle" comes and drives you to the big cave. Its an adventure, for sure, climbing up 2 stories of rod iron stairs...don't go if your afraid of heights!

Once inside, there is a little "gift shop" to get souvenirs, a bar to get drinks while you wait (if you have to wait) and even a little gold fish pond that can entertain the kiddos.

We got there at 5:30pm and were the beginning of the "dinner rush." The restaurant seats 250 people, so if you do have to wait, it wouldn't be for long. The staff is very welcoming and personal, I was quite pleased by the service!

The menu has great choices and a nice variety of food. I ordered the "Cave Chicken"--I asked the waitress what she recommended, and this was it. While we waited for our food, the waitress brought our warm home-made bread and butter, as well as our "soup/salad choice" that came with our meal. [I ordered the potato soup] It was the perfect thing to eat while waiting for the main course. The soup had the best home-made flavors--like the one I make! Delicious.

While waiting for the main dish, you have time to look around in the cave. The "decorations" are nice and its fun to find hidden things in the nooks and cranies of the cave walls and ceiling.

Our meal arrived and I dove right in. This cave chicken was positively the best. So moist! It came with noodles [home-made?] and a side of veggies. The chicken was mixed with mushrooms, prosciutto, and a white wine sauce. My compliments to the chef! This is a must-try dish!

I can't wait to bring my kids back to this place. Defiantly a kid-friendly, family-friendly, everything-friendly, must-go attraction! And there is so much more to this place, so check out their web site!

Oh, and don't forget to bring a sweater/sweatshirt. It gets a bit chilly inside. =)


Unknown said...

I haven't heard the best reviews of this place so it's nice to have a different point of view. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I hope your kid free weekend was amazing!

Unknown said...

Maranda, I got mixed reviews as well...the food wasn't "the best" but it had its own flare. Worth a try on your own though. =)

Unknown said...

Adam and I went, we are on the not so great side of the spectrum when it came to the food. But it could have been an off day for the kitchen. The interior is surely worth going going to see!! And yes, bring a sweatshirt!!

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