Sunday, February 5, 2012

Restaurant Review: Colton's Steakhouse

Colton's Steakhouse
St. Robert, MO
2 out of 5 stars

St. Robert and Waynesville are very small towns around Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. When we moved here all there was to eat in town was a Cracker Barrel, and a few mom-and-pop places. In this past year, we got a Panera Bread, and a Colton's steakhouse. We never went when it first opened, I knew to give the staff time to get in their grove--and I kept hearing bad reviews with food and service.

So my husband has been gone for 3 weeks for a TDY trip, which was also over his birthday. He got home today, so to celebrate his homecoming and birthday, we decided to try Colton's out.

We went at 4:30 to beat rush hour and to be done in time to catch the 6:30 movie on post. We got in, warm welcome from the staff and got seated immediately. No complaints there, what-so-ever. Our waitress was sweet, knowledgeable, kept checking/refilling our drinks. She was even sweet and friendly to the kids, asking their names ect and noted how good my daughter was doing with her cursive.

My complaint goes towards the food. Not the timeliness, that was just right, nothing wrong there. The peanut buckets were fun and a big hit with the kids. The hot rolls were amazing, and actually hot when brought out.

But then it came to dinner. I liked to order steak at a steakhouse (kinda like ordering pasta at an Italian restaurant) and ordered their 10oz Ribeye with fried okra, hubby ordered a hamburger with sweet potato fries, kids got sirloin steak bits with green beans. Right off, visually, it didn't look professional. This "expensive" cut of meat was less than 1/2-inch thick, with no flavoring...not even salt/pepper. I ordered it "medium," but with such a thin steak, there is no such thing other than "rare" or "extremely well done." I took a few bites and that it, couldn't do more. So gross, makes me shudder to think about it again.
Luckily the fried okra was good and crunchy. The hubby's hamburger was fine, nothing special about it. But he ordered the sweet potato fries that came with this great marshmallow dipping sauce--that was extremely good--can't wait to try to make that at home.

And then it came to the kids' food. Their sirloin bites where 10 times better than my Ribeye. Typically, ribeyes are a better cut of meat than sirloin because of the marbling of fat that breaks down during the cooking. It looked like the chef switched up the steaks. The sirloins also had a wonderful seasoning on all sides. BUT, when it came to their green beans, I couldn't have been more shocked. On my daughter's plate, it looks like green beans out of a can, and my son's plate had "the right way" cooked green beans. Made at the same time, why so different?
Even my daughter (who is 7) knows the difference, and didn't eat more of 2 of hers. And for a restaurant of any size, I don't think this is anything acceptable.

So, overall, I don't give this place more than 2 stars (out of 5). And the 2 stars come from our waitress, the hot rolls and the peanuts. I will not go back to this place. If it was just one thing, I would try, but this was too much for me to even want to go back.


Anonymous said...

We only eat out about 2 or 3 times a year so we try to stick with things we know. We have a Colton's (also my son's name) over here in Washington, MO and I've heard bad things about that one as well. It was packed when they first opened but not so much anymore. This just confirmed that we won't be trying it.

cocobebe3 said...

We ate at Colton's Steakhouse in Pittsburg, KS, today for lunch, and it was our second time there. The first time we ate there they had just opened, the cooks and wait staff were still in the process of being trained, and the cut of the sirloin steaks we had were tough and grisly. We weren't going to return, but we decided to give them one more try because the parking lot was full. I am VERY happy that we did because this time we had a wonderful experience!! Our greeter was very kind and seated us immediately, our wait person was very, very good at her job and was SO kind and personable, and our sirloin steaks were fantastic!! They were cut differently, and there was absolutely NO gristle. The flavor was also fantastic, and the baked potatoes were cooked to perfection; they were light, fluffy and hot, as were the steaks. In addition, the rolls were piping hot and fluffy, as well. We will definitely be returning there now, and if our next wait person is as good as the one we had today, it will be fantastic. We don't normally give a restaurant a second chance, but I am certainly glad we did. Everyone who works there should be commended! I hope the owners will make sure these employees are rewarded for such wonderful service and food!!

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