Friday, February 17, 2012

T&T: Freezing Ginger

One of my MOST favorite smells in the kitchen is ginger. Before I learned this trick, I threw out most of the root after using some of it in my recipe because I wouldn't use it again for a while, and it doesn't keep for long. Then I learned this trick. Ginger in the house has never been toss out again!

T&T: Freeze the ginger to keep it longer.

There are a few things you need to do to the ginger before you freeze it.

  • Cut off any of the "nubs" on the sides.

  • Peel the entire root.

  • Place into a freezer bag



  • So when you go to use it, don't thaw it out. Take it out, cut off a chunk and put the unused piece back in the bag and into the freezer. My favorite way to use it is using a shredder. Ginger is extremely easy to shred while frozen.

  • Ginger is also really good for your health. So shred a little into you tea, or any food dish. Its a wonderful flavor to use on practically anything!

1 comment:

Jennifer Rivera said...

I grate all the ginger, flatten it in a ziploc, score it, and place it in the freezer. Then I break off as many pieces as I need. Ginger is sooo good for you!

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