Saturday, March 17, 2012

Restaurant Review: Marietta Pizza Co

So while we are on Spring break, visiting in Atlanta, we did a lot of sight-seeing and tourist-y things. We didn't do a whole lot of eating out, we'd rather spend our time with the whole family around a dinner table. However, just a few days before we leave, the men were in down-town do "men-things" (aka work) and got stuck down there because Obama decided to visit and shut down all the highways. So, that left me, my sister and all our kids home alone. It was a beautiful day and we didn't want to waste it around the house, so we decided to go down to the "Marietta Square." Its a little part of town, that's shaped like a...well...square...with a whole bunch of little shops and boutiques and places to eat. We enjoyed the fresh air and walk around the...well, square...and decided to eat at the MPC (Marietta Pizza Company).

It was a fabulous and fun place to go, I absolutely recommend going if you're in the area!


Marietta, Georgia
5 out of 5 stars

There was a variety of pizza's you could order, plus extra toppings in case there was more you wanted. The slices themselves were HUGE! With a mass amount of cheese I had on mine, there was a significant amount of grease--so don't go in thinking your pizza will be grease-free. It all depends on your toppings.

For kids, just ask for the "kids cut" and they slices the pieces in small squares, easy for little hands to pick up and to eat up! The price, very reasonable! from $2.00 a slice to $3.50 for specialty slices. Your bill could be very small as long as you don't order the drinks. Drinks range from about $2.20 and up. There isn't a "kid" drink, and the cups are huge (worth the $2.00) but just beware of the bill. We could have easily split a few of the drinks!

Almost forgot to mention: All 3 kids at the ENTIRE slice. Not a crumb was left. Those 3 kids were ages 7,5 and 2. Yes, the 2 year old ate the whole slice too. That just goes to show how great the pizza it.

So that is all I can rave about for MPC. Definitely 5 out of 5 stars. When we visit again, it will be on our list to return to!

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