Friday, March 2, 2012

February's Tips & Tricks Wrap Up

Well, I didn't do as many T&Ts as I planned, but I just got too stressed with my last term for school. So I hope that ya'll enjoyed the ones I did post, and I'll try to squeeze more in on the upcoming months. Here is a list of them all so you don't need to scroll down to find.

Tips and Tricks:

Here is an awesome poem that Martin with Anita Poems wrote for me:

Tips & Tricks

It all began with an experiment,

that turned out delicious and quick,

Cinnamon rolls in the waffle iron,

if you don’t spray, they’ll stick.

Shredded chicken,

makes delicious pot pie.

Initially a bit skeptical,

so she decided to try.

Don’t over mix the batter,

make sure you keep it cold.

That’s the secret to making,

sweet and sour chicken that’s gold.

When snapping asparagus,

each piece you must bend.

Cook the top part,

and give the rest to a friend.

If you want juicy chicken,

let the baby just sit.

She’ll become real tender,

and a dinner table hit.

To keep ginger longer,

simply just freeze.

If you think about it,

it’s much healthier than cheese.

Use lemon peels,

to make jello shots.

No need for plastic,

with green in your thoughts.

Various fruits and veggies,

are known to naturally heal.

They’re better than pills,

you’ll see how you feel.

Thank you Carolyn,

February was deliciously smart.

We’re all very eager,

for a new month to start.


How awesome is that!? LOVE IT!
Next month: SMOOOOOOOTHIES! Stay tuned! =)


Martin Dejnicki (@Dejnicki) said...

Great posts in February Carolyn:)

I make ginger tea all the time, but never thought of freezing the root (since I only use about an inch each time).

Thanks, and best of luck!

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