Friday, January 6, 2012


I will get back with "Flash-Back Friday" next week. Right now, I have news to share, if you haven't heard already. My friend Ramona with Create with Joy shared this information on her web page:

Are you a GFC follower? In case you haven’t heard, Google will soon be retiring GFC! To stay in touch and receive all of the latest updates, please:

Kinda scared me...ok, REALLY scared me. Then she wrote me an email explaining it. She said:
On March 1, 2012, Google is officially retiring GFC for non-Blogger blogs (which, effectively, is the end of February). What this means  is that on or before that date, GFC will no longer work for anyone not on Blogger - and, if you are on Blogger, you willl no longer be able to read the blogs of anyone (like me!) who is no longer on Blogger. All of those blogs and subscribers will be lost...after all of the hard work everyone has put into building up their readership!

For the moment, they are indicating that they are not removing GFC from Blogger blogs. However, the reason that the GFC code is so unstable to begin with is that Google officially stopped supporting and maintaining GFC quite some time ago (I was officially told this by one of the Blogger support people months ago, before the GFC retirement announcement was made!) So - it makes absolutely no sense that they are now saying that they are going to try to stablizie the GFC code for Blogger blogs when they are taking it away from non-Blogger sites. I believe that it is ultimately going to be retired from Blogger as well, and I am encouraging everyone to plan for that.

*sigh* So what does this mean? I have no idea. So, as I try to figure this all out, I have set up a G+ account, and you are welcome to add me in your circle or "plue 1" me, or subscribe to my RSS feed.

***She also pointed out to me that just GFC is retiring, not blogspot. So you won't loose you web page on blogger.***

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