Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Ultimate Mashed Potatoes

So a few years ago, one of my amazing friends, Catherine, invited us for a Thanksgiving dinner. So, of course we went and had a ton of food and turkey and the whole sha-bang. With the whole sha-bang, were these incredible mashed potatoes. I mean INCREDIBLE. I just HAD to know how to make them. So she told me. And I've been making my mashed potatoes this way ever since.

This isn't exactly "low fat" or "low carb" either...but using "low fat" cream cheese instead helps...just a smiggen.


6-8 red potatoes, diced
1 block cream cheese (8oz)
2 tablespoons Milk (maybe more/less)
1-1/2 tsp kosher salt

  • Boil diced potatoes, skin on, in water until tender. Drain.
  • Place potatoes and cream cheese in stand mixer (doing this by hand is extremely difficult, be warned, you might hurt in places you didn't dream about having after you do!) and beat on medium until mixed together.
  • Carefully add milk (this is where it would be more/less. If its too thick, add more milk!) and add the salt.
  • Make sure you taste them and add more salt if needed. NO PEPPER!
  • Beat the potatoes in the stand mixer for a good 3 minutes. You want them whipped pretty good!
  • Serve warm (of course!) and enjoy!

This is a great recipe to freeze as well. I usually make OVER the amount I need and freeze in little batches. I use the little batches when my hubby is out of town and I need a quicker dinner--just pop in microwave and heat for a few minutes, stirring in between.

1 comment:

Melissa said...

hmmm cream cheese in mashed potatoes? Sounds interesting. I typically just use butter & milk...but I might try these! They look VERY creamy and I typically always mess up the mashed potatoes for whatever reason lol

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