Monday, June 20, 2011

Parsley Logs

Parsley has been growing like its on crack...faster than weeds. I saw this method quite a while ago from A Way to Garden --it gives a detailed tutorial as well on how to make the logs. There is also the "parsley pesto cube" method. I prefer the logs, because I mostly used parsley not so finely chopped. However, because my parsley is on something, I might try the pesto cubs later this summer.


Trim your parsley plant, starting on the outside edge, trimming the thicker stems. Thin ones are new growth and will be ready to "harvest" in another month.

Clean the parsley REALLY GOOD. I had a little slug on one of my stems, so I doubled and tripled cleaned. Then, dry thoroughly. Use a "salad spinner" to get the majority of the water, then go to paper towels.

One by one, remove the stems from the parsley leaves. Believe me, they don't taste good. Now you have a huge pile of leaves!

Dab them with another paper towel, just to make sure there isn't moisture. Put all the leaves in a Ziploc bag.

Squeeze all the leaves to the bottom portion on the bag, pushing down, removing the air from the bag. If you have one of those cool air-lock thingy, I bet they would work great!

Then roll it up and date the bag so you don't forget when you made it.

When its frozen, you can pull it out and cut of a bit of it and whooooola! Fresh PARSLEY ready at your fingertips!
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Unknown said...

Smart I did not realize you could freeze it. I hate how it goes bad so fast. Thanks for posting this. Im following you from the Alexa hop

NotaSupermom said...

I saw Martha Stewart talking about freezing herbs once, but it didn't seem as easy a method as yours. Thanks!

I'm following you from the Alexa blog hop. Please check out my blog at

PC said...

What a smart tips..Thanks for sharing!

Abi! said...

Fabulous! Now, if I can get my parsley to sprout, I know what to do with it. *Grumble, grumble* drought. Does this work for other herbs? Particularly, my basil.

Kim-A Creative Spirit said...

Thanks for popping by A Creative Spirit. Thanks for this GREAT idea for parsley. I wondered WHAT I was going to do with my out of control parsley plant. :o)

Mel Creates Often said...

Cool tip! Ours always gets wasted. Stopping by from the Alexa hop. Have a good day! :)

Unknown said...

Hi just calling by whilst blog hopping.Be sure to check out my Autism Awarenesss Wednesday Blog hop. Sarah

KB said...

Great idea!

Looks delish!

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